Don’t have a 1280 Site Near You?

Don’t panic!  We know that there are 1000’s of other sites besides the ones you see listed on this website.   The 1280 sites on our map are mainly county or state run facilities.  Chances are you have multiple sites near you that could be a great site for starting a JJM program!    In addition to traditional detention centers, we have YFC JJM programs in group homes, alternative schools, emergency shelters, residential treatment centers, and with probation groups.    We suggest that you use and internet search engine such as google and search your community for group homes, residential treatment facilities or other youth serving agencies.  Most county websites will also give you contact information for your probation department and possibly local emergency shelters.
We also can help you!  Please fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you soon and help you locate a possibly JJM site near you!