What is the 1280 Project?

The 1280 Project was birthed out of a need to try to connect local Youth for Christ chapters with juvenile institutions in their area.  Local chapters were having trouble locating  facilities and were relying on websites such as Google for help.   In the spring of 2011, the National Juvenile Justice Ministries Team began the process of developing a state by state, county by county, list of every known country or state-run juvenile facility.   The completed list included 1,280 juvenile facilities, of which, Youth for Christ was providing programming in 165. It quickly became apparent that the need for effective ministry in facilities was far greater than the reach of Youth for Christ ever could be alone; thus began the “1280 Project."

The 1280 Project's goal is to develop ministry in every juvenile institution in the United States.   We have worked hard to develop resources that can help local churches and other nonprofits launch a successful ministry in their local facility.   Our desire, using our long history of ministry in juvenile institutions,  is to partner with and coach those groups wanting to launch ministry in juvenile facilities across the country.  We are committed developing more resources to give to those who are in the trenches working with these teens each and every day.